On Thursday, 24.02.2022 in the centre of Europe Putin started a war against humanity and the whole democratic world. These days, the people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and the future of all people who share democratic values.

Lutiki were created in Kyiv, inspired by the beauty of its ancient Orthodox heritage and the style of the young generation. Today our city is being bombed by Russian ballistic missiles. So are many other Ukrainian cities.

We believe that light will conquer darkness. Ukraine will win. Truth and the free world will win.

As a Kyiv creative brand we decided to continue our production with one special piece for as long as possible. By ordering this pendant you will help our team to move forward and donate for humanitarian relief efforts in local communities. We hope it will remind you about the value of freedom.

“Seed from Ukraine” pendant. Made in Kyiv. By brave people. Handcrafted. 100% Brass. Worldwide shipping. Delivery can take up to one month.

Grateful to everybody who stands with Ukraine!


seed from ukraine
seed from ukraine